Tuck In Your Tummy Through Gastric Bypass

Submitted by: Nicholas Bowen

Gastric bypass is a surgical procedure that helps a person to lose weight. Obesity or excess weight is a cause of big concern among many people. The ever increasing statistics in United States is proof of this. Studies undertaken for obesity indicates that more then 60% of Americans that are overweight have a Body Mass index in excess of 25.0 while more then 30% who are overweight have BMI or Body Mass Index of more then 30.0. An individual is said to be obese or overweight when his body weight is more then the amount that is considered to be healthy. A healthy body weight depends on several factors like age, height and weight of the individual. Gastric bypass surgery is one surgical procedure that can help out an obese person shed that extra weight. Getting back the normal weight is very important to lead a disease free life in the long run.

Now just because some is overweight does not mean that he or she automatically qualifies as a candidate for undergoing the surgical procedure. A person must fulfill certain considerations before he or she can undergo this procedure successfully. Some of the basic conditions are: the person must be above the age of eighteen and below sixty five years of age. The person must have been obese for at least the last five years and he must not have any major medial history. The person must also not have a history of alcohol abuse and must not be under treatment for depression or any other psychiatric disorder. If a person fulfills all these criteria, he can talk to the doctor about undergoing gastric bypass surgery to lose that extra baggage. A patient must realize that like any other surgery, gastric bypass surgery also has its own risks, so he must discuss about all the aspects of the surgery with their doctor.


It has been seen that most people who undergo the surgical procedure start losing weight after the surgery. This period of weight loss can continue till a period of twelve months. There are certain after care elements that one has to follow so that they can maintain their body properly. Patients who have undergone this surgery are advised to stop snacking. Snacking regularly is the one thing which is sure to put back all the weight that you had managed to lose through the surgery. That is not all a person who has undergone gastric bypass surgery can witness sever swings in their blood sugar levels and also a drastic swing in their glucose levels if they continue snacking. In other words, snacking must be avoided at all costs.

In gastric bypass surgery, that part of the intestine where most of the minerals and vitamins are absorbed is bypassed. This automatically means the person can face deficiency of all these essential nutrients like calcium, iron and other elements. Deficiency of any of the essentials nutrients like vitamins and minerals can lead to other medial conditions that can become severe in the long run. To prevent this, a patient must make sure that they take adequate supplements of all these vitamins and minerals to keep their system strong and healthy for a long time.

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