No Root File System Defined Error In Linux

No root file system defined Error in Linux


Jonny Defh

When you start your Linux computer, you might encounter the following error message during the boot process:

“No root file system defined. Please correct this from the partitioning menu”

Though it suggests you to correct this from partition menu, but you do not find any option on this screen.

After this error message, the bootup process gets halted and you need to reboot your system. Every time you go for a cold reboot, you experience the same behavior.

The final result of this behavior would be the inaccessibility of data and thus data loss. It will put you in need of Linux Data Recovery.


Grounds of this issue

This error message may occur if the root file system of your Linux hard drive is corrupted. The problem may also occur if the root partition is corrupted or has got deleted.

In Linux, the root partition is the hard drive volume that has Linux operating system installed and the file system that is used to manage root partition s data is known as root file system.

The root partition or file system may get corrupted due to several reasons, which include the following:

Virus infection

Improper system shutdown

Power failure

Software malfunction

You need to resolve this issue at the earliest to reclaim your lost data. To do so, need to perform Linux Data Recovery.

It is the job of specially designed applications, known as Linux Recovery Software. These software systematically scan your hard drive and extract missing, lost or inaccessible data from it. They are designed to have largely automated recovery routine, self descriptive user-friendly screens, to-the-point documentation and easy update features.

Such software often come with free and precise support options as Technical Support to know the detailed software working and answer simple how-to questions. The modern Linux Recovery software take care of recovery from various Linux distributions and file systems. They come equipped as a Three Step Solution, which are: select the recovery option, select the affected Linux volume and Start recovery.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery is an efficient Linux Recovery tool that. The software supports Linux Data Recovery from Ext2, Ext3 and ReiserFS file systems based Linux volumes. This Linux Recovery tool can recover data from most of the Linux distributions as Red Hat (Fedora, RHEL), Mandriva, Xandros, Ubuntu and more. To know more about the product, download and install its free demo version.

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No root file system defined Error in Linux